This beautiful beach side hotel is one of the many places that are available in close proximity to the coastline. Situated only a stone throw away from the beach one can make use of both the numerous facilities in the hotel or just spend the day swimming in the ocean and lounging on the beach. This is trully the best of both worlds.

For those who prefer to be surrounded by the beautiful scenery, we also have lodges available. Perfect for holidaying families or group holidays. These cluster lodges allow all holidaying parties to maintain their privacy without being separated. Surrounded by lush greenery this is a little slice of heaven.


Camping sites are also available for the outgoing, adventurous individuals who enjoy communing with nature. You can sleep under the stars, build your own campfire and enjoy the outdoor experience. We also provide accomodation (shown above) for those would like to experience the great Mozambican outdoors but just not in a tent.


We have a range of catered and self-catering lodges. This is one of our numerous self-catering lodges. We have state-of-the-art equipment installed in each lodge to allow maximum satisfaction as well as a pleasurable stay.


Luxury hotels available in the capital, Maputo. For top quality service and facilities.

Contact us and let us find you the right accomodation.